About Us

What is it with having kids that makes you think and feel deeply about the world and the future? AJ and I were talking about where googoo&gaga was headed -- because, at a certain time, we felt there was just too much fashion brands breathing in the same space. Then we went back to why we created the brand (remember our launch story?) and thought there was so much more we can do for children. Yes, we are design-centered, but we are, likewise, very child-centered. And now that we have also grown as parents and have a revamped set of life goals and parenting principles, we want the brand to reflect the same. The world is ever-changing (technology, health, intelligence, etc) but the child (who grows up to be a person for and of the world one day) is constant. We focus on the child and help build him up -- through design and through what we support about the child.




Our Launch Story(2008)

In early 2008, newly-married and finding ourselves constructively restructuring our lives to include each other and a charming 8-year old little man, we resolved to take small but quick steps towards creating a fun, healthy, family-oriented environment. Having another baby was a priority, hence, independence from employment and going the entrepreneur route were very easy decisions to make. 

Fast forward to late 2008, out of our day jobs and realizing we were going to be in each other’s faces 24/7, googoo&gaga was born. It came as both a motivation to propagate AJ’s kind of art and an inspiration while we eagerly anticipate having our own baby. It is also representative of who we are individually – AJ is the spunky, audacious, creative maverick, while I am the organized, uncomplicated traditionalist. With imagination, structure, quirkiness, and sensibility at full capacity between the two of us on brainstorming sessions (proof that we should celebrate differences more than resist them), it wasn’t difficult to bring this grand idea to life.


googoo&gaga hopes to create designs that are both thoughtful and spontaneous, classy yet edgy, effortless yet artsy. 
googoo&gaga hopes to introduce a safe and baby-friendly printing technology that renders a super soft, unique all-over look on clothes each time. 
googoo&gaga hopes to spread good tidings and cheer, a little bit of fancy and a little bit of crazy with each wearable art piece. 


With Love & Madness,